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Panama Tropical Products From Panama
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Simply just the best coffee beans dipped in Dark Chocolate.. A real “Energy Booster” from Panama Tropical.

Aroma wise they are stunning to bite into….…a glorious 'freshly brewed' coffee smell with just the slight hint of cocoa – It is heavenly.

Overall these Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans are the perfect accompaniment with a morning cup of coffee - a hand full with a fresh brew and simply no better way to start the day.

Delicious…these are the best tasting Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans you will ever experience…From Panama Tropical.


Each Chocolate Coffee Bean is combined with a smooth thick outside layer of dark chocolate with a crunchy coffee bean inside. Let the chocolate slowly melt on your tongue and then bite into the crisp coffee bean.

The Dark Chocolate Coffee Bean is luxurious - a dark cocoa rooted taste which transforms into a rich coffee flavor..

Great tasting chocolate.
Beneath the delicious dark chocolate covering are the coffee beans which explode with flavor once you bite into them.

The coffee taste is equally as good as the chocolate. Each Dark Chocolate Coffee Bean has a fresh roasted flavor which gives you an immediate “Energy Boost”.

Our customers tell us
"These Chocolate Coffee Beans Are Tremendous!! Simply the best coffee beans dipped in Dark Chocolate…"
M. Roberts, Coral Gables, Fl
Individual sized portion of dark chocolate covered coffee beans
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   Our customers tell us

"I have to tell you that your rum cakes are far and beyond the best I have ever tasted. They are incredibly moist and delicious, far superior than other brands I have tried and used to carry in my store. The cute little bags of coffee beans are good sellers as well, not to mention very yummy! The packaging of the cakes, and the little bags of beans and peanuts is both unique and attractive. I am sure that I will be placing another order within the very near future.
Thanks again for these amazing products!"

Carol Van Wyck
The Dock Shoppe, The Dock Laundry
Shelter Bay
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